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August 2017

You Can Now Download Brawl Stars for PC

I love playing video games with my friends over the internet, and my favorite types of games tend to be fast paced brawlers and strategy games.  For quite some time now, I have been playing Brawl Stars on my phone with my friends, but there have been certain instances in which I have wished that I could play it on my PC while my friends continued to play on their phones.  The reason for this is because I do not like using a whole lot of mobile data in order to be able to play the game, as my data is not unlimited and I have found myself running up rather large cell phone bills.  This is why I got so excited when I found out that I could now download Brawl Stars for PC.  This would allow me to play against all of my friends over the internet without using my phone’s data connection.

    Another great thing about being able to play on my computer is the fact that I can actually play the game on a much bigger screen.  I have found this to be very convenient, and it has actually helped me to play the game a whole lot better.  I have found that I have a bit of an advantage over my friends when I am able to play this game on a larger screen, and because the goal of the game is to win, I find that this is something that has been incredibly useful.  Plus the cell shaded graphics look very good on a larger screen, and so I find myself enjoying the game a whole lot more when I play it on my PC as opposed to playing it on my mobile device.  I get all of the fun of the mobile game, but I also get it on a giant screen so that I am not stuck looking at my tiny phone screen.

    I certainly understand why certain games are better on a cell phone than on a PC, but I do not think that Brawl Stars is one of these games.  Basically, I think that Brawl Stars can be enjoyed a whole lot more when played on a PC as opposed to a cell phone, and that is why I am so glad that they decided to release it for computers.  It has made the game a whole lot more fun for me overall.

    If you love Brawl Stars, as I do, then I would definitely suggest that you download the PC version and see how much more you enjoy it.  It really does add quite a bit to the entire experience, and that is why the PC version is the one that I always play now.  I can sit on my laptop and play the game full screen with no issues, and it really gives me a huge advantage on the battlefield against all of my friends over the internet.  You should definitely check it out.