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September 2017

Buy YouTube Views – Three Reasons to Do It

One of the things that we are asked the most by people is why there are some YouTubers that manage to get a massive following, and some who can never seem to make it. Now we are here to tell you one of the biggest reasons why it does not happen. We believe this reason is because people do not think long and hard enough about how they are going to promote the videos that they are putting out. They think they can just create something and it is going to get views on merit.

We think that you must be a lot more realistic when you want to make it on this platform. The fact is that unless you are a famous name, or you have a famous friend who can help you get traction, you will have to do it all on your own. And unless you start making videos on topics that interest people, but no one else is doing those videos, then you are competing with other channels for eyeballs. And one way to make the competition a bit fairer is to buy YouTube views – and here are three reasons why it works.

1. Impact on Results Pages

The biggest reason why we are huge advocates about doing what you can in order to buy views is because we feel that it is the simplest and most cost effective way for you to change the way your videos are viewed on YouTube. What we mean by that is when you search for keywords that have some relation to what you are putting out, then you are going to see your videos starting to appear in different positions on results pages. If you were to look now, your videos are probably near the bottom of the last pages. When you buy views, they jump near the top.

2. Becoming Popular

The only way you can make it on YouTube, at least enough so that you can make good money from these videos, is by gaining some internet popularity. And that means that you need to appear popular before you get there. You need to show people that you have videos others are watching. This is going to make them want to watch what you are putting out. It is a cycle that always plays out on YouTube. If you see two videos on a subject, you will always pick the one that has more views. It is just how we are on these platforms.

3. Rapid Growth

There is always organic growth with a channel and if you are doing the right things then you are going to see some progression after each month. But if you are impatient and you cannot wait a year or two before you become relevant, we think this is a way for you to accelerate that growth. And since the buying of views is so cheap, we feel as though you are getting a fantastic result without having to break the bank or anything like that.